There’s a certain level of nihilism that a writer must achieve to be any good at the craft. I’ve reached that level of nihilism so hopefully my writing improves soon.


I was a strategist for a semester. Now I’m in my eighth trimester as a copywriter. The babies take forever to come out, but when they do, at least I get to name them.

[Student Awards]


1x Gold National

1x Best In Show

1x Judge’s Pick

1x Silver

Clio Muse

1x Gold


2x Gold

1x Silver


1x Wood Pencil

    One Club

    1x Gold

    1x Silver

    1x Bronze

    9x Shortlists

  • Shells
    The only proof that I have lived at all.
  • Numbers
    My life is being reduced to paychecks, rent, 22% auto gratuity.
  • Sunburn
    Let’s lower the exposure on life. 
  • Wet January
    Why is booze the first to go?
  • The Balloon Paradox
    Inflation is good for balloons and bad for happiness.
  • The Bad Mornings Club
    We don’t discriminate between texts, calls, or in-person greetings. We’re bad at all of them.
  • Weight Limit
    It cost me over $100 to bring the suitcase overseas.
  • Limping
    I half-assed a minor in philosophy. Why? My parents strongly advised me against it.
  • I drink too much
    I write too little.
  • How Are You?
    I’m older, wiser, drunker, dumber.
  • Chivalry is Dead
    And buried by every split check.
  • The Storm
    The lighthouse is gone. Now I’m just a beat-to-shit ship in the storm (hopefully the ship has devil horns).
  • A Victim of Circumstance
    Maybe I should open up my blinds and let some sunlight in. I wouldn’t sparkle, but I would get a fair tan.
  • S
    You were once the girl of my dreams, but I haven’t been sleeping well. 

“The only thing that makes you a writer is gluing your ass in a seat. Everything else is a pose”

Hank Moody, alcoholic & fictional father