Little Bird

Dear little bird,
lost in the dirt,

floating in feelings

that were once obscure,

only found in the words 

pressed against my chest,

cheek to cheek

and neck to neck, 

like gliding to a feather,


somehow able to shake and stir

even if outnumbered.

You try to fly
against me
to where it’s safe,

but I ground you in a cage 

painted with colors
that are only pretty 

when seen from far away,
as if everything’s grey,

and the closer you get, 

more and more
is chipped away,
until every shade is gone,

what’s right is wrong,

and you sacrifice flight
but the sky comes along.


without touch

is sometimes

more than enough.

Two little kisses

can take a bite
out of love,

just as a hug can

unwound a dove.

With only a look,
I know that I’ve kissed you.

As you get closer to Earth, 

it seems you bring heaven with you.