Tears of pleasure,

tears of pain,

I fear both 
make me feel the same.

When your eyes

brace for rain,

my smile,



Fear no tears,

no consequence.

I hold you till 

I’m a better man.

Then I succumb

to bathe again,

as long as your

showers never end.

I’ve never heard

such tragic joy,

than when your anguish 

makes a noise.

I siphon and steal

until you are no more,

taking the passion 

of what was once yours.

I bring ice 

to warm your

frigid shoulders.

I bring fire

to cool your

scorched outbursts.

I can’t have one 

without the other.

Drink what’s left 

until I’m hungover.

I’ll knife you, 

my dear,

just for the thrill

of knowing that

you can be killed.

I’ll nurse you,


right back to health, 

but only once

I give you

the tours of hell.

When an angel cries, 

I do not cry.

I love the tears too much

to watch them dry.