From the womb to the drum set, I’ve been kicking since ’99.

Rock’n ’06

I lied. At 6 years old I had a short stint as a singer. I was addicted to the money, the fame, the elementary thotties.

Banana Chant ’17

At 17 I took it serious. I was barely legal smoking barely legal and drumming in bars for people that didn’t understand our name.

  • Bo’s Pub
    Banana Chant @ Bo’s Pub Las Olas. Shot by Eric Estrada and Britney Glass.
  • Paying Off Student Loans
    Banana Chant’s second EP. Mixed and mastered at Different World Studios.
  • Kush Hialeah
    Banana Chant @ Kush Hialeah. Shot by Daniel Chavez, Eric Estrada, and Britney Glass.
  • Sandbar
    Banana Chant @ Sandbar. Shot by Nasser and Eric Estrada
  • Tanis Perez – History
    Tanis Perez’s first official music video. Directed and edited by Ander Perez.
  • White Lies
    My first music video. Not bad for a 0$ budget, but also not good.
  • The Balloon Room (Album)
    The first album I ever made.
  • Snowman
    My third attempt at writing a song on Piano.