From the womb to the drum set, I’ve been kicking since ’99.


Drummers don’t get paid a lot, so I started as a singer. This is me leading my band, Rock’n, with the hit song, “Money Man.” I loved being a money man, but the drums were suffering.





My first real band was called Drive-Thru Milk. I was barely legal smoking barely legal and drumming in bars for people that didn’t understand our name. It wasn’t long until it expired.

So we changed it to Banana Chant. Unfortunately, people still don’t understand it. There are only so many drunk “Banana Chang” and “Banana Champ’s” that I can correct before the milk comes back.

I may have also dabbled in piano in 2019. Everything is in Eb because I love that key.

Girl of the Rain


When I was at UCF film school for a year, I did anything but film. After a long day of not applying myself, I opened up logic and became a chef. Fortunately, now I used all these wasted beats on my YouTube videos.

  • Bo’s Pub
    Banana Chant @ Bo’s Pub Las Olas. Shot by Eric Estrada and Britney Glass.
  • Paying Off Student Loans
    Banana Chant’s second EP. Mixed and mastered at Different World Studios.
  • Kush Hialeah
    Banana Chant @ Kush Hialeah. Shot by Daniel Chavez, Eric Estrada, and Britney Glass.
  • Sandbar
    Banana Chant @ Sandbar. Shot by Nasser and Eric Estrada
  • Tanis Perez – History
    Tanis Perez’s first official music video. Directed and edited by Ander Perez.
  • White Lies
    My first music video. Not bad for a 0$ budget, but also not good.
  • The Balloon Room (Album)
    The first album I ever made.
  • Snowman
    My third attempt at writing a song on Piano.