White Lies

My first music video. Not bad for a 0$ budget


All you see is shadows
⁃ kiss
⁃ slowdancing
⁃ dating – giving flowers, dinner, movie, picnic, corny dancing
“But your little white lies”
⁃ small argument till 1:37
⁃ argument intensifies until guitar solo
guitar solo as shadow
⁃ rekindle
“trapped like a bird”
⁃ running towards her but it’s running in place
“don’t u dare read my lips”
⁃ argument
final chorus
⁃ huge fight smash head w bottle, almost get up, smash again, tie to chair, wait for big drop then rip off rope and explode… and then murder her

2 chairs
picnic basket
bird leaving cage
book opening
shots of gio’s guitar solo
shots of miami

10 shots of Gio and Me in our hotdog and banana suits at weird locations

  • On the plastic cow by Shulas
  • No trespassing sign
  • Fancy dinner (with people suited up)
  • On the back of a pickup truck
  • Faraway roof (zoom in)
  • A massage place
  • Doctors office
  • Dentist office
  • Classroom
  • In a tree
  • Hot dog stand
  • By real miami lakes cows
  • Supermarket (show my face then show actual hot dogs)

Chicken Nugget

chicken nugget at Shulas and with me tied up to the chair and spot lights on a date and shots with me playing the piano 

  1. Close up shot of me with shades on (maybe a reflection of the chicken shows, btw I’m wearing an all black suit
  2. Shots of me on the Shulas piano playing the piano parts of white lies 
  3. Shot of the single chicken nugget on my white board in my room
  4. Shots of me dramatically on front of a large amount of chicken. The story here goes from me ripping off the blindfold and going ham destroying chicken, get shots of chicken falling from the sky please
  5. The story that’s going to be told in this video is the one of me as a kid keeping the chicken nugget from Shulas. Basically i go to Shulas a bunch as a kid and then they take the chicken nugget off the menu. I think the way of shooting the parts of me as a kid is shoot them in the kids perspective, very Wes Anderson like, goofy shots, and then it builds up to a scene where kid me goes from first person t third person looking at adult me

The story can be me always coming to Shulas and then it being off the menu until at the end it’s back on, so do many close up shots of it saying boneless buffalo wings

Dramatic shot of me tied up with the way gio is in readyglass. I take off my blind fold