Full of ice so my hands are always cold
Come inside but I’m colder than the snow
Fooled by lies, thoughts always take control in my mind
My only enemy is me
And the more I learn, the less i know

You say time will heal my wounds
But i doubt I’ll recover
As my life passes me by
I’m out of time
I can feel these walls closing in on me

It’s like a hurricane without the wind
All these clouds blinding me again
And i can’t stop
Pretending it’s okay, when it’s not, I’m so cold
Bring me to life

It’s you
It’s always been you
Melt in my arms
Collapse with my heart
Breathe in my breaths till i don’t breathe out

I’m with you, but i still feel so alone
My imperfections bleed

Lost my self inside if you
Helpless I’ve been a fool

Bring me to life