Paying Off Student Loans

Banana Chant’s second EP was an epic step towards finding our sound. We put moved Tanis from bass to guitar, removed the guitar from Gio’s hands, and added the wonderful Vanessa Faith to carry the rhythm.

Summit compares the feeling of love to the seasons changing. It is natural to love, so nature is a recurring theme. It is colorful, offering time signature changes and a string ensemble that lends a dramatic perspective on heartbreak. 

Bluu has a double meaning. It is the of seduction and death. The pumping drums and bass carry the song through groovy verses, funky pre-choruses, and hard rock choruses, all which end in guitar glory. The solo’s sound like peak Guitar Hero 3. 

Limbo offers a journey into the afterlife. It changes tempo 3 times, beginning at 55 BPM and peaking at 100. The energy contagious, and Gilexson relentlessly tells the story of a man trying to escape purgatory in a quest to reach nirvana. He faces Satan and God, only to question where he will reside. 

Milky Way is a tale of temptation. Groovy guitar licks support the melody and reflects the give and take of dating. It is a catchy tune that is still rooted in rock. 

Floating is the bands self-proclaimed magnum opus. The verses provide a haunting quality with relaxed drums and a colorful bassline. The chorus are sparse and drowned in reverb, as Gilexson’s falsetto and Vanessa’s harmonies drift directly into your heart. You thought Limbo was intense? Floating’s finale closes off the record with of the most powerful guitar solos in recent history. It spans three minutes and has hints of psychedelic rock infused with heavy distortion.