The Artist Mentality 2

Ander Perez – Who am I?

In order to remember who I am, I have to look back at who I was.

I’ve been making mom smile since 1999. I haven’t always been a gift, but at least I’ve been a tree. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to perform. I mean look at that face I was made for the limelight In my first short film I was the villain. Maybe that’s why I filled my brothers room with 1,000 balloons again and again. But I’m not always a villain. Can a villain be that cute? 

I’m just your old friend woody playing Rock Paper Scissors in a high school talent show, I’m 3 zero dollar music videos and a record based off he aforementioned balloon room. I’m a drummer in a rock band, don’t I look good on stage. I’m a short film in response to the department of student conduct for drinking throwing a party in my dorm room at UCF. I’m a music video for my brother, a music video for my friend, and even more music videos for my band. I am a drone, a piano, and a drum set, and everything you are seeing and hearing right now. 

But I still don’t understand if I’m supposed to be behind the camera or in front of it. Am I the art or the artist?  

Draft 1

A dashing young man with a good mind, a good heart, and a good beard. He has a solid physiology but is constantly fighting to improve. He knows that exercise and health are the keys to long-term happiness, so he runs daily and teaches his body to enjoy the pain of discomfort. But health is two-fold, his mind needs to be strong. He reads, writes, and expels his creativity daily, and farts a little too much. He is disciplined, never taking more than a day off from his responsibilities. But he questions where these responsibilities come from. He’s a pessimist who doubts a higher purpose. He defines his own purpose and believes that only in doing will he be acting out his humanity. 

He is an artist in all aspects of the word. His goals are only as worthy as his joy in working towards them. He is often less satisfied once he’s completed a project, compared to while he’s still reaching for the finish line. He resents the narrative of things being given, because therein lies the problem of meaninglessness. For something to be given, something must be taken, in this case, it is normally happiness. There is no satisfaction in being given everything, there is only satisfaction in doing. He is not in love with his voice, because he knows there is more he can do to be better. He is a work in progress, and sometimes the world can be a tough critique, but never as tough as himself.


I am to art what a pencil is to a writer, what water is to a jetski, what a chicken wing is to bleu cheese. I’m just part of the equation. Sure, I made everything you see here, from the song to the video, but it has just come out of me naturally. I make music because it’s in my DNA, I perform because I look good stage, I film everything I want to remember what it takes to get to where I am today. 

To make videos with no budget, to make music with no fans, and to create until I can paint a new color. I still don’t understand if im supposed to be behind the camera or on front of it. I don’t know, but my gender is a drumstick. 

Whatever the reason, I’ve been creative ever since.

Or maybe I just really like balloons, because what they represent. A reason to film a music video, or make a record. A ll creativity needs is a reason.  

Since I was created, I’ve been creative.  I created that smile, you’re welcome mom. I created memories, and even if I didn’t like them, my dad made sure to film them.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

In order to remember who I am, I have to look back at who I was.

n, it was probably the fedora.

It started off to impress my parents, but  

To me, balloons have always symbolized freedom, the freedom for artistic expression. I ended up

And then a music video. And then a couple more music videos. 

I fill up a room with 1000 balloons, it starts as a prank, but now it’s a lifestyle,

I make a record called the balloon room.

and then I make a music video because of it. Then I make more music videos. All inspired by balloons. Turns out i like making videos. I sneak a drum set into my high school.

Which lead me to my love for drumming. My gender is a drum stick. I love to perform. I look good stage. I’ve always been that way

I star in play, write my own, I improv my way into a superior by taking a shower.

But nothing beats starring in my own music video production, especially to a song I made.

I’ve come a long way from having a 0 dollar budget. I’ve always had creativity, but now I have a drone.

I blend my passion for film and music together every time I’m part of a project.

While I change. A lot.

My first short film I was the villain.

I guess you could say I still am.

MaYbe that’s why I rune everyday. To shed peoples perceptions of me. Well, I don’t know how you view me, but I can’t complain about what I’ve done.

My best friend is right next to him, Who I’ve id done all of this with

A bunch of them. While doing that progress with my band. Advance in the craft.  A bunch of them. While doing that progress with my band. Advance in the craft. 

I’m human, so I change a lot.

I’m saying I a lot, but the reality is I haven’t been doing this alone. The best art comes from collaboration, so my best friend and brother have always been with me. Pretty sick to be on stage with my brother every night. But fuck em, this is about me. 

I don’t know what to do with my hair