We see a pudgy pug sitting down wagging his silly little tail. His fat head is facing upwards but his eyes are pointing in different directions. His mouth is watering and his tongue is stretched all the way from his mouth to the floor. He is drooling as his human is holding a treat above him. 

As we get a closer look to the treat, we realize it’s a Taki chip. 

Beads of saliva fall to the floor in slow motion. The Taki chip falls into his mouth at the same speed. It lasts 10 seconds until it reaches him, but once it does, he swallows it whole. 

His muscles start growing. He begins to morph into an ultimate fighting champion. He grows larger than the human and eventually destroys the roof of his house. He keeps growing until he is reaching the outer levels of the atmosphere. A plane passes by him and he licks it. 

We focus in on his eyes. His pupils begin to gravitate towards the center of each respective eye. They vibrate with intensity like magnets at the brink of connection. Once they reach the center a been of light erupts from his eyes. At the end of the beam of light is a fresh unopened bag of Takis. 

Queue title sequence. “Are you Takis enough?”

Don’t actually feed your dog Takis, he will die.