People Like Balls

People like balls. There’s something about the bounce that draws humanity to us. Gravity helps us out in the campaign of approval. Personally, I love it. I’m passionate about being a source of joy for others. I get to be shared with families in the most impressionable moments of their lives. Kids are practically raised by me; they are also injured, but that’s not my fault. I am tool for bonding. There is power in me, but only if used responsibly. I come in many forms: base, foot, and basket. I’m no stranger to the spotlight. Every week, millions crowd around their tv’s just to see me be held, kicked, tossed, and thrown. I am more than leather and paint, I am a moment. I am an action, emotion, and thought. But just as I bring people together, I tear them apart. Many have failed in attempt to wield my true power. There is in a fine line between accomplishing your dreams and facing your fears, both of which are determined by my destiny.