As an artist, I can be cliche and say that writing is a form of self expression, but it’s much more than that. It is one of the most historically rich forms of communication. We relay our thoughts and stories through writing, and it acts as evidence of our evolution. I too, understand the power of words. They are as much an action as any other action, as the right words can be a catalyst for change. Since I recognize the potential of being able to articulate my thoughts clearly on pen and paper, I know I have the potential to define my reality. What I tell myself is what I become, so choosing my words wisely is crucial to my sanity.

I’ve been in a dark place recently. But with everything around me feeling insurmountable, I’ve come to learn that there is no change where there is no action. Acknowledgement is the first step: to recognize what and how I’m feeling. I wouldn’t be able to have these revelations without words and in this case, writing. What I write is what is real, so if I understand that I can control my perspective. If I tell myself “I’m happy” enough, I will be.

Writing has helped me understand who I am, who others are, and who we are in relation to each other. I could say I’m just interested in writing to be able to better express myself, but I know it’s not just about me. Eventually I want to be able to help others too.