Apples are amazing, but you know what I prefer?


Can you imagine living in a world without bananas?

Don’t call me biased.

Everyone always tells me that I only like Bananas because I’m in a rock band called Banana Chant, but that’s not the reason.

Freedom comes from bananas.

Growth is only achieved through the peeling of a banana.

Have you ever felt sad?

I have, but you know what always helps me out?

Just thinking about everything special that comes from bananas.


Love that letter, it says so much and it’s not even a word.

Momma always told me “meaning can be drawn from more than a word.”

Nobody is going to tell me otherwise.

Obviously, ‘K’ may not mean anything on its own, but it’s our job to give it meaning.


Questionable to start the word “potassium” with a “k”, but who’s going to stop me?

Rambo maybe.

Supposedly he hates bananas.

That’s not a problem though, he just needs time to realize their benefits.

Understanding the truth that is inside of us all is not an easy thing to do.

Vanquishing our thoughts and enemies is easier with a gun shaped as a banana.

Welcoming bananas into your daily life increases happiness, hair growth, and eyesight.

Yes, I made that up, but everything else I said is true.