He spoke quickly. His hands were no more than flashes of color. Everything around him was rising and he was sinking. He was alone but began to feel his lungs suffocating. His bod was engulfed in flames. He looked at his feet, and saw fire quickly surround him and create circular designs and mimiced his movements. The fire expanded as he spread his body out and intensified when his stance held power. He lifted his right leg up, his kneed near chest, and extended his foot as high as he could. Streaks of fire erupted and slashed his face. He clearly didn’t have control. It would take time to comprehend the intricacies of this new-found power.

It didn’t affect him though. The fire just bounced right off him. It deflected off his skin like a rock on a puddle, reverberating iif the angle was right. It was warm but it didn’t burn. Steam just evaporated from the pressure. The warmth was more like rain was coming from the ground. His body swayed while the .. When he created fire, water was the result. The ground was also related. It’s like all the elements were coming together. They were called when one was enforced. The balance of fire and water was so dense that the fire was covered in fog. 

His breath pushed it further and eventually the fire was too far to scare him. He wasn’t warm anymore, just confused. 

Something was bothering him, but he didn’t know exactly what. It could have been last Tuesday, having eaten the last of his vegetables. Hawk wants to be healthier but he can’t. He is a product of the environments. A gust of wind could pull him away. To him that wouldn’t be too bad. He would have his destiny decided for him. He’ll sway in indecision, exactly where he’s been until now. Mother Nature wants to decide his fate, but that’s not her role. 

Hawk realizes that he is controlling everything about his flight. His velocity and speed are both by his command. It’s not easy but nothing is, not if it’s worthwhile. He acknowledges his fear but doesn’t understand why it’s so potent. His desires to view from a different set of eyes. Perspective is key to his survival. There are predators and he must avoid them, or conquer them. His mind is melding with the environment, because he knows there are one. He drowns out the noise. Finds solace in the silence. 

Unfortunately his fear is two-fold. The process of eliminating fear is simply complex. To understand and overcomes it is to fly and soar; to corrupt is to  That’s more power than what